Read on as we take you through some of their characteristics of the different towns and villages of Mauritius in:
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Our cities

Read on as we take you through some of their characteristics of the different towns and villages of Mauritius in:

Port Louis is the capital of the island. It is home to many offices, ministries and critical services. Its central market, shops and fairs suit different budgets. Many historical sites are found there too. The Caudan Waterfront, the very first commercial complex of the island, is visited by many tourists.

Grand Bay tops the list of coastal villages loved by foreigners. Quite understandably so, since its beaches and hotels are outstanding, its waters perfect to enjoy aquatic activities and it is home to one of the largest commercial complexes of Mauritius, namely La Croisette.
Neighbouring regions such as Trou aux Biches, Péreybère, Bain Bœuf, Cap Malheureux, Anse la Raie and Roches Noires are equally lovely and lively.

Pointe aux Cannoniers is hidden from the sight of passers-by. It is surrounded by villas and hotels, which thrive on its amazing landscapes. Many high-end apartments have been constructed near the very popular seaside of Mont Choisy.

The Aquarium of Mauritius is the main attraction of Pointe aux Piments, holding some 200 species of aquatic creatures. Calodyne is a quiet area, ideal for relaxing holidays. Goodlands is a welcoming and modern rural area with a lot of shops along its main road.

The town of Quatre Bornes alone is divided into several regions. It is known for its municipal fair and the high standard of its residences. One of them, Ebène, is the first “cybercity” of Mauritius.  Many international companies have business units in this town. Universities and other training institutions have opened up there. Trianon is famous for its commercial centre “La City” whereas Sodnac is for its Wellness Park.
Beau Bassin has earned the reputation of being a pleasant locality to live in. Many supermarkets are found there. Boasting a good climate, many healthy fruit trees grow in this region. With a view over a breathtaking gorge, its Balfour Garden is visited by picnickers on a regular basis.

The beach along the littoral village of Flic en Flac is appreciated by many. Despite the growing number of bungalows being built in the area, there are still many untouched lands, ready for new constructions. One of the key developments in the area has been the opening of a branch of the prestigious Middlesex University in 2009.

Saltpans welcome you at the entrance of Tamarin, while mountains stand proudly in the background. Those passionate about surfing and kitesurfing have a soft corner for it since its waters provide much thrill.

Tragic events related to the history of Mauritius are associated with the magnificent mountain of Le Morne. Many Mauritians have an emotional bond with the place, for some of their slave forefathers committed suicide by jumping from the top of the mountain. The abolition of slavery is still celebrated on the 1st of May each year on the island. In spite of its gloomy past, this lively village gives typical Mauritian vibes.

Let’s leave from Le Morne, at the south-west of the island, to move towards the south. By taking the coastal road, you will go through Baie du Cap to get to Bel Ombre, a place which nature lovers find perfect. After you have left from Chemin Grenier and Riambel respectively, you will enter Souillac. A halt at the public beach of Gris Gris is perfect to relax. Do also make a detour at Rivière des Anguilles, where is located the nature park of La Vanille. Carry on with your drive towards the east.

Blue Bay is known by those keen on diving for its Marine Park, an extraordinary spot teeming with colourful corals and fish. It is an appealing place to settle down in, with the Mahebourg Waterfront to spend delightful afternoons alone or with loved ones.

One cannot talk about Belle Mare without mentioning its public beach; it is one of the scenic ones of Mauritius. Practiced there, parasailing only leaves one in awe of the beauty of its shore and its lagoon.

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