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Port Louis - The Very Heart of Mauritius

The capital of Mauritius, Port Louis, portrays the very essence of the Mauritian population; a blend of modernity and traditionalism. Technology has taken over. Yet there are still some parts of the city where it seems that not much time has elapsed. Port Louis is a whole universe in itself. Here is a little glimpse into the very heart of the island.

Offices and essential services
Port Louis is home to numerous offices, government departments, the island's Supreme Court, prestigious primary and secondary schools, to name a few. The Jeetoo Hospital is also located here. In addition, the capital has a number of pharmacies, the majority of which are always open at night.

To live there or to live nearby would be a real gas and time saver! The team of Decordier Immobilier (Mauritius) will be delighted to help you find a house or apartment in Port Louis.

Historical sites
There are some places of great historical importance in Port Louis, such as : 
The Aapravasi Ghat
Words do not do justice to the history of this place, listed as one of the World Heritage sites by the UNESCO in 2006. Only a visit can help have even an inkling of the huge sacrifice of Mauritian ancestors upon their arrival on the island.

The Citadel Fort and the Champ de Mars
With its cannons still there, this place symbolises man’s efforts of self-defense. The Citadel Fort also known as Fort Adelaïde was built in the 19th century by the Colonel Cunningham. Atop, you get a bird-eye’s view of Port Louis, extending to the harbor, as far as your eyes can see. At this height, cars and horses in the Champ de Mars, where horse races are held, appear like toys.

The Théâtre de Port Louis 
Surrounding skyscrapers by no way undermine the beauty of the theater of Port Louis, located at the Remy Ollier Street. Opened in 1822, it now lies closed for renovation since 2008. The good news though is that its second phase is ongoing. Apart from its beautiful architecture, the theater also has an absolutely stunning ceiling painting.

The Place d’Armes
Some minutes away from the theater stands the Government House, situated at the Place d’Armes. Statues of key personalities in the Mauritian history such as Queen Victoria, Mahé de Labourdonnais – who has greatly contributed to the economy of the country – Sir W. Stevenson, Sir John Pope Hennessy and Sir William Newton have been erected there.

The foodie's dream
Port Louis enjoys a reputation as a destination for good food. Many people come from all over Mauritius to enjoy grilled meats, shawarma, artisanal ice creams, filled pancakes and others in and around Rue Desforges. The choice of food is so large that you are sure to find a dish that you will enjoy no matter what your favourite dishes are.

Shopping in Port Louis
Port Louis is known as the destination for bargains in Mauritius. Whether it is for clothes, accessories, shoes, curtains, towels or others, wholesale or retail, you will find everything. With several fairs at your disposal, you will be spoilt for choice, not to mention the shops that line the streets of Port Louis. 

Unlike the Quatre Bornes market, however, there are no fabrics for sale at the Port Louis market. It is a little further away, either in the Corderie street, or in the Plaine Verte district, in the Dr. Hassen Sakir street, called 'pagoda street' by the Mauritians, that you can buy high quality fabrics at varying prices.

The unmissable central market 
Commonly known as the ‘bazaar’ by Mauritians, the central market is a great place to shop, with the wide range of products available and their inexpensive prices. Be it fresh local and imported vegetables and fruits, fresh meat or hand-crafted items which can be bought at the market’s first floor.

There is one characteristic that is typically Mauritian: no matter which company he/she works for and no matter how many languages or disciplines he/she masters, the Mauritian will never give up on the traditional ‘alouda’ – a refreshing flavoured milk-based drink – and the ‘farata’ – or paratha, a flatbread, usually served with curries and pickles – sold at the market. There are also shops around the market selling spices and dried grains at affordable prices.

Relax in the middle of the hustle and bustle
Certainly, the capital is noisy and bustling with life. However, there are places where you can "kass enn poz" (unwind) as the Mauritian would say.  The Caudan Waterfront, Mauritius' first shopping mall, is home to shops, restaurants, a casino, a bookshop, cinemas, offices, hotels, a museum, a craft market selling a wide range of handicrafts and an art gallery. It is very pleasant to take a breath of fresh air sitting on the esplanade while admiring the boats entering the harbour.

In Caudan you can mix business and pleasure. To let the steam off, there is nothing better than a large green space. The Jardin de Plaine Verte should relieve you from your stress. With the children's playground, you will be at peace. Otherwise, if you like the altitude and the impressive views, head for the Citadel.

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