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  • Head office : Les Villas ATHENA - B4 - Chemin 20 pieds,
  • 30513 Grand Baie - Ile Maurice
  • Phone : +230 58 39 28 78
  • CEO : M. DE CORDIER Didier
  • Legal notices : Société Domestic (DIGITAL CORP PROPERTY Ltd)
  • Immatriculée au Registrar of Companies de Port-Louis sous le numéro C184023
  • BRN : C21184023
  • Establishments

    DECORDIER immobilier Grand Baie

  • Royal Road
  • 30510 Grand Bay, Mauritius
  • Phone +230 268 2828
  • Legal notices : Société Domestic (THE DECORDIER PROPERTIES LTD)
  • Capital : 1,000 €
  • Immatriculée au Registrar of Companies de Port-Louis sous le numéro C167751
  • BRN : C19167751
  • N° VAT : 27742454
  • DECORDIER immobilier Evian

  • 31, rue Nationale
  • 74500 Évian-les-Bains - France
  • Phone : +33 (0)4 50 75 15 15
  • Capital : 700 €
  • R.C.S. : Thonon-les-Bains 803 446 061
  • N° TVA : FR36 803 446 061
  • Carte professionnelle : CPI 7401 2015 000 002 608 CCI de la Haute-Savoie
  • DECORDIER immobilier Thonon

  • 10, square Aristide Briand
  • 74200 Thonon-les-Bains - France
  • Phone : +33 (0)4 50 72 31 95
  • Capital : 1 000 €
  • R.C.S. : Thonon-les-Bains 889 498 226
  • N° TVA : FR52 889 498 226
  • Carte professionnelle : CPI 7401 2020 000 045 182 CCI de la Haute-Savoie


  • Agence Plus
  • Real estate software, website creation


  • OVH
  • 2 rue Kellermann
    59100 Roubaix
  • Legal notices : SAS
  • R.C.S. : Lille 424 761 419

    Publishing Director: Didier de Cordier, in his capacity as CEO

  • This website has been created in France. Using this website, you agree to the terms of use as described below, without any contractual or tortious prejudices that could be attended to DECORDIER immobilier. Any dispute concerning the interpretation or enforcement Any dispute concerning the interpretation or enforcement of a contractual commitment intended to this website is solely under the jurisdiction of Mauritian court applying the Mauritian law.
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    Purpose and acceptance of the GTU

  • The current general terms of use (thereafter “GTU”) serve the purpose of defining the terms and browsing procedures of this website (thereafter “Website”) edited by the company DECORDIER immobilier (thereafter “DECORDIER immobilier”). By simply browsing or using the Website, the website user unreservedly accepts these GTU.

    Conduct the website user should abide by

  • The website user commits to browsing through the Website while abiding by the on-screen instructions.
    It is prohibited for the website user to use the Website as well as the services advertised on the Website in a way that would violate applicable laws, and in a broader sense cause prejudice to the interests, reputation and image of DECORDIER immobilier.
    Consequently, the website user may under no circumstances:
    Use any form of devices with the purpose of disrupting or hindering the smooth running of the Website and services published by the Website;
    Send by email any form of xenophobic, racist, pedophilic, pornographic, slandering content or content that incites to racial hatred and murder, or that violates the rights of a third party, namely the intellectual and privacy rights;
    Send unsolicited spamming emails (mass and/or repetitive mailing to one/many recipients);
    And more broadly collect the personal contact details displayed on the Website for the purpose of commercial canvassing. Authors of adverts may not be contacted for any purpose other than the subject of their advert by any means.

    Responsibilities of DECORDIER immobilier

  • DECORDIER immobilier applies all necessary diligence in editing and updating the Website, with particular regard to adverts. However, since DECORDIER immobilier does not have control over every data, every information published on the website and cannot guarantee that these are accurate, free from mistakes and comprehensive or that they would meet your expectations. Therefore, DECORDIER immobilier cannot be held liable for any damage that would result therefrom, and more broadly for any way that you use the Website and/or its content.
    DECORDIER immobilier reserves the right to, at any moment, temporarily change, suspend or interrupt part or the whole of the Website without informing you beforehand. DECORDIER immobilier is not liable to a user or any third party for any modification, suspension or interruption of the Website, nor for the modifications to the authorisation for access to the Website and services published on the Website for any reason.
    DECORDIER immobilier encourages all users to report any problem or content that may seem illegal, offensive, shocking or that does not seem to conform to morality by using the feature available for this purpose on the Website. In such cases, DECORDIER immobilier may take any action deemed necessary in case of the non-authorised use or illegal use of its Website.
    Lastly, you acknowledge and specifically agree that DECORDIER immobilier may not be held accountable for any damage resulting of any relationship, regardless of its nature, between you and the author of an advert or any other partner providing content or services on the Website. In such a case, only the author or third party may be held liable.

    Intellectual Property

  • DECORDIER immobilier implements legal and technical measures in order to protect Intellectual Property rights.
    DECORDIER immobilier therefore undertakes to:
    Inform users of their obligations regarding the exploitation of protected content
    Assist competent authorities with regard to fight counterfeiting upon request
    DECORDIER immobilier is the copyright holder of some data protected by the Intellectual Property Right Code. This includes its brands, its graphic charter, its database. Consequently, Therefore, the use offline or online, free of charge or against payment, of all or part of these data without express consent from DECORDIER immobilier is prohibited.
    Therefore, the website user may under no circumstances:
    Reproduce, imitate, use, publish, the Website and any part of the Website (text, photos, images, videos, sound, software, brand, logo, corporate name or any other trademark…) in any shape or form, except for strictly private purpose, while maintaining all copyright and other proprietary notices contained in the original materials on printed copies.
    Temporarily or permanently transfer or re-utilise by making available to the public all or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of advert and other databases on the Website or to extract or re-utilise in a regular and systematic manner qualitatively or quantitatively non-substantial parts, when these actions go beyond the normal conditions of use in an obvious manner. 
    Exploit, market or distribute to third parties in any form, the Website or part of the Websites, adverts and other databases found on the Website.
    Change, remove or alter, by any means and in any form and format, all or part of the different notices of Intellectual Property rights and copyright displayed on the Website.
    Any use which does not comply with the above-mentioned provisions is illegal and will entail lawsuits.

    Privacy and Personal Data Protection

  • DECORDIER immobilier collects personal data provided by users upon their visit to the Website. This collection allows:
    General statistics about the traffic on the different parts of the Website to be compiled;
    Answers, various pieces of information or advert from the Website or the website or partners to be sent by email to the users’
    The transmission of requests for information to third parties selected by DECORDIER immobilier.
    Any user of the Website may any time request that their information may not be communicated to third parties.
    The collection and processing of personal data on the internet should be done while respecting the fundamental rights of individuals. Consequently, DECORDIER immobilier commits to a processing policy compliant to the GDPR and with the applicable law with regard to software, files and the freedoms of the country.
    Any user of the Website holds, in respect to the above-mentioned law:
    An access right
    A right to the modification
    of personal data related to the individual. The individual may exert his rights by contacting DECORDIER immobilier at the following address:
    THE DECORDIER PROPERTIES LTD – Service IMMOBILIER – Royal Road 30510 Grand Bay - MAURITIUS - Tel. n° : +230 268 28-28 or by e-mail  :
    Any exchange between a user and an advertiser through the technical forum of DECORDIER immobilier will be saved in the personal space of that user. If the latter does not have one, a space will be automatically created and access codes will be communicated to him by email, with the possibility of modification and deletion.
    Computers which connect to the servers of DECORDIER immobilier will receive on their hard disks one to many files with a plain text format commonly called “Cookies”. These cookies record data related to the Website browsing, done from the computer on which the “cookie” is stored (visited pages, the date and time of visit etc.). These allow successive visits from the same computer.

    Individual, Minor and Property Protection

  • DECORDIER immobilier wishes to contribute to the development of fair practices on the internet and compliant to good morals.
    The fight against illegal information and content (of slandering, defamatory, racist, xenophobic, pedophilic,… nature) and the protection of children hold a lot of importance for DECORDIER immobilier.
    Therefore, DECORDIER immobilier commits to:
    Assist competent authorities upon request
    Post advertisement compliant with the applicable law
    The Website user consequently commits not to use the Website in a way that would be against the application laws and regulations and namely not to mention data that is:
    Slandering, defamatory, racist (…) in nature or violates the honour or reputation of an individual;
    Against public order, good morals, privacy, confidentiality of exchanges;
    Inciting to discrimination, hatred;
    Pornographic or pedophilic in nature;
    Inciting to commit a crime, an offence or an act of terrorism or justifying war crimes or crimes against humanity.

    Hyperlinks to other websites

  • The Website contains hyperlinks that redirect to third party websites. Their presence does not mean the endorsement by DECORDIER immobilier of the content on these websites and can therefore not guarantee:
    The accuracy, reliability, relevance, update, comprehensiveness of their content;
    Their access and smooth technical running

    Consequently, DECORDIER immobilier cannot be held liable for any dispute between a commercial website indexed on the Website and a user. The editors of the commercial website indexed on the Website are solely liable.

    Security of Data Exchange

  • DECORDIER immobilier commits to take all the legal and technical measures in order to secure exchange. DECORDIER immobilier for this reason commits to an obligation of means in order to prevent diversions of data and to respect applicable regulations.
    Nevertheless, regarding the technical features of the Internet, the user acknowledges that the reliability of data transmissions over the Internet is relative, especially given the heterogeneous nature of the network.