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Quatre Bornes

Comprising of sub-regions such as Ebène, Trianon, St Jean, Sodnac, Candos and others, the busy town of Quatre Bornes boasts a cool climate and modern infrastructure. Its market is one of its key attractions.

The Quatre Bornes Municipal Fair
The recently-renovated market of Quatre Bornes or the Quatre Bornes Municipal Fair as it is now called, is a one-stop shop. Fresh local and imported fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, snacks, clothing, accessories, fabrics and flowers are all available on different stalls at competitive prices.
The most bought items at the market have to be the ‘alouda’ – a refreshing flavoured milk-based drink – and the ‘farata’ – the real name of which is paratha, a flatbread whose roots are Indian, usually served with different spicy curries and pickles.

Ebène , where the working force meets
The development of Ebène into a ‘cyber city’ has led many international companies to set up business units there. This has in turn resulted in the creation of employment for a lot of Mauritians as well as for qualified foreigners.

Many houses and housing complexes have been erected in the area over the decade. However, there are still some relatively untouched portions of land, such as “au bout du monde”. Ebène comprises of facilities such as high schools, training institutes, universities, a supermarket, a food-court, a hotel and the Dr. Agarwal Eye Hospital.

La City Trianon
This huge complex has been designed to provide great shopping experience. Branded clothing, shoes, beauty products and toys can be bought from the different shops. It also houses a hypermarket, a food-court, various restaurants, a car wash facility, a movie theatre, a hardware store in addition to bank and insurance office branches. You can shop until you drop, or you can relax on the benches while watching kids make the most out of the playground.

St Jean and its oval-shaped building
The year 2011 has seen the construction of a branch of the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) in St Jean. While the news in itself is nothing extraordinary, the building is hard to miss, due to its oval shape. Along with banking transactions, the building has been built with the laudable intentions to produce solar energy as well as to recycle rainwater. 

Sodnac is another region witnessing growth in the number of property constructions. The peaceful setting is most likely one of the major causes of this. The houses are very well-spaced. Places worth visiting are the Hillcrest Avenue – a long road having an equally long patch of grass at its centre, dividing the town in two – and the Sodnac Wellness Park – a beautiful, lush green open space enjoyed by strollers, joggers and exercise enthusiasts.

While the area’s Victoria Hospital & Princess Margareth Orthopedic Centre can be relied on for medical help, it is much recommended to take good care of one’s health. The opportunity exists in the form of the beautiful Candos Hill. A fairly easy climb, it is a great way to keep healthy. Your trek will be rewarded by an amazing view of the town of Quatre Bornes along with its surroundings.

Settling down in Quatre Bornes
How about moving permanently to Quatre Bornes? Highly secure apartments, individual and gated houses and modern studios await you in Quatre Bornes. Make the choice to live in a chic neighborhood with many amenities. Investing in a property in Quatre Bornes means investing in your peace of mind.

Some properties of this city