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Roches Noires, where nature offers itself to you

In the north-east of Mauritius, nature seems to have remained intact in the peaceful village of Roches Noires. It owes its name to the volcanic basalt rocks that are much more visible by the sea. Renowned for its unique nature, tranquility and white sandy beach with turquoise waters, it deserves more than just a detour. Put on your flip-flops and we'll take you on a discovery tour to this unusual place.

Village tradition
A small fishing village of incomparable beauty, the villagers have managed to keep Roches Noires' authentic character and its former beauty. The caravans and snacks sell typical Mauritian food, including; fried noodles, boulettes , roti/dhol puris, briani, your taste buds will be delighted. On weekends, you can meet with the residents who often gather for a game of cards or dominoes in the shade of the village trees or go shopping at the Rivière du Rempart market, which is located just next to Roches Noires. During the regattas the village is much animated with a feverish fervour; these traditional pirogue races are still very popular with the residents of Mauritius.

Its turquoise lagoon is an area full of fish. It is an ideal place for the reproduction of species, much to the joy of fishermen and lovers of the seabed. The reefs are spectacular to experienced divers. Although the beach of Roches Noires is not suitable for children and inexperienced swimmers, there are still areas of the beach where you can enjoy the water. In this beautiful village, the sea, the barachois and the freshwater ponds meet to create an ecosystem composed of swamps and mangroves; the perfect habitat for migratory birds and more than 47 varieties of native and endemic plants. Trou Diable is a heavenly-looking pond formed by volcanic reactions, which is unpararelled and the spectacle it offers is worthy of being covered by the greatest documentaries on nature.

The Caves of Roches Noires
If you like exploring or just like to enjoy nature, these caves will amaze you.  Its volcanic soil has given birth to several cellars which, according to research, sheltered the brown slaves during the colonial period. You can visit these geological sites, the most famous being the "cave madame" which is located in the heart of the village, just by the roadside. It is very easy to reach; all you have to do is walk down a stone staircase to access its fresh water source.

You can also visit the Bras d'Eau National Park, just by going across the village of Roches Noires, you will find yourself in the middle of a forest that is a source of freshness. This hike is suitable for all ages, it is 3 kilometres long and on the way back you can choose the same path or the one that leads to the beach of Poste La Fayette.

Far from the big crowds and mass tourism, Roches Noires has been spared from urban development, offering beautiful spots for nature lovers. If you are one of them, you will be won over by this village. Get off the beaten track on your next holiday, rent a bungalow or a villa in Roches Noires!

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