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Cap Malheureux

Cap Malheureux is a small village in the north of Mauritius, in Rivière du Rempart district, known not only for its splendour but also for its historical path.

Cap Malheureux and the histoy of Mauritius
After the Dutch colonization, Mauritius was named, referring to the Dutch stadhouder, Maurice Van Nassau. Having the advantage of wood in large quantities in ebony forests, hunting and arable land, Mauritius was exploited until they decided to abandon it, because the island had been almost completely stripped off of its resources.

French colonization later took Mauritius under its wing, turning it into a naval base. Cap Malheureux is so named because many battles had been fought there. A lot of misfortune occurred at Cap Malheureux. The British fleet then preserved the name cap Malheureux as a sign of their triumph over the French and the succession of the island.

The red-roofed church of Mauritius
Cap Malheureux is also a tourist beach thanks to the Notre-Dame Auxiliatrice Church, also known as the red-roofed church. It was built in 1938 by Raoul Lolliot, but it was designed and created by Max Boullé. It was then christened ' Marital Chapel ' by Father Albert Glorieux.

Throughout the year, the church attracts many visitors. Admired for its beauty and simplicity, it gives a majestic view of the Coin de Mire and the ocean and boats far away. It is ideal for wedding ceremonies and serves as a beautiful background for photos. Many Mauritians and tourists also travel to attend masses during the weekends.

Any visit to Mauritius would not be complete without a detour to Cap Malheureux to admire the splendour of the Notre-Dame Auxiliatrice Church.

Cap Malheureux today
The beach of Cap Malheureux is famous, without any doubt, for its pleasant climate and its paradise look. It has kept a touch of freshness, soothing and subtle. The few rocks on the shore of white sand allow visitors to sit on them while soaking their feet into the water. Cap Malheureux is such a pleasant place that a seal recently visited the place! It is also possible to spot the black crabs that live in the rocks. Part of the beach is covered with grass, suitable for picnics, naps in the shade or for sunbathing. The beach has a pier, with boats anchored not far from the shore.

The village also offers activities not to be missed, sea walks, deep-sea fishing, or day trips to nearby uninhabited islands, such as Flat Island, Ilot Gabriel and Gunner’s Quoin. An activity guided by Catamarans Tours, it is an expedition to be done at least once in a lifetime. They give a unique insight on  how to live in the wild, without any civilization. Fish and chicken are grilled by using wood and fire. The goal is to live simply, to appreciate the calm, nature, beautiful beaches, fine sand, clear water, and release the pressure gained from our everyday life.

The location of Cap Malheureux has led to the construction of many luxurious villas, with swimming pools and gardens. Why not acquire one and enjoy the northern sunshine? With the purchase price exceeding 500,000 US dollars, you can even obtain a Permanent Residence Permit in Mauritius. Investing in a residence in Cap Malheureux is a real pleasure. Decordier Immobilier (Mauritius) will assist you in your quest to find the best property in Mauritius. Leave us a message. 

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