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In contrast to other littoral villages, Albion, found on the western part of the island, has managed to keep its original and natural charm, with only one hotel in the region, the Club Med La Plantation. Upon entering the village, you will be greeted by sugarcane fields on your left. If you turn right some meters away, you will reach Camp Créole, some parts of which would remind you of the African savanna, due to the tall, dry, yellowish grass that covers the ground. The Jardin d’Eveil in this area is definitely worth a visit.

The Lighthouse
Inaugurated in 1910 by the British Governor Sir Cavendish Boyle, the lighthouse of Albion has not only acted as guidance for ships to the harbor of Port Louis but has witnessed 109 years of the Mauritian history as well. It proudly stands on the magnificent cliff of Pointe aux Caves and is one of the favourite photography spots of locals and visitors.

Atop, you can see the waves crashing on the rocky shoreline. And while you are there, you would not want to miss the beautiful sunset (more pictures maybe?). The place is just another wonder of nature; the rocks have formed a creek, several caves and even a natural pond!
From the sea, the red and white structure looks even more imposing, partly hidden by some trees.

Albion Public Beach
While the construction of the Club Med has undoubtedly added a touch of modernity to the village, it has taken nothing away from its authenticity. Just outside the hotel’s realms, the Banyan trees, the shallow river where children still play, the decade-old fishermen boats and the traditional fish landing station prove that nothing much has changed in Albion throughout time.

Albion’s public beach is not that big, nor is it visited by a lot of people. And this is what makes it a perfect place to unwind. There is not too much noise nor the risk of being hit by a ball.

Must-tries in Albion
Man can travel any distance for food. Ah Kong’s dumplings are a proof of this; people from around the island visit Albion specially to taste them.

Fishermen, although in a lesser number than before, sell their fresh catch in various parts of the village.

Moreover, children and adults going fishing during low-tide periods is a very common sight here. Reefs are easier to reach and seafood is at an arm’s reach. How does catching your dinner on your own sound?

Albion has seen a rocketing increase in the number of houses  built over the years. Many pensioners and working people alike have fled the towns’ rush in order to live in bungalows in Albion.
Understandably so, since it is a rather quiet and restful place.
However, there are still unconquered portions of land waiting for their owners. The future for and in Albion seems to be very promising since it has not yet been developed to its fullest potential. Seize the opportunity of living a quiet life in Mauritius today, by living in Albion.

Some properties of this city

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