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Located in the north of Mauritius, 10km from Grand Bay, Goodlands is an atypical village of more than 20,000 inhabitants. Far from the seafront, luxury shops and other tourist attractions, it shines in its own way.

Shopping in Goodlands
First of all, what makes Goodlands so unique is its lively atmosphere. Shops are the main attraction of the village. It causes streets to be full of residents and vehicles. Quite understandably so, since Goodlands is one of the villages in Mauritius where good bargains can be found. The downtown is full of shops making their day to day business running side by side. If you are looking for beautiful clothes, souvenirs, utensils or anything else without having to spend too much, Goodlands will suit you very well.

Goodlands is a very colorful and well set village. It has its own souk or bazaar, as people here here like to call it. It is not like that of Marrakech, but it is one of a kind. The scent of spices sets you right away into a typically vibrant Mauritian atmosphere, where the vendors will surprise you with their hospitality and easy chat.

The Goodlands Bazaar is a kind of labyrinth where you could find anything, clothes, shoes, fresh meat, fruits, vegetables and other condiments. During the last couple of years, this place has experienced huge commercial developments, where two supermarkets have emerged. Undeniably, things keep improving in all sectors. Easily, Goodlands can satisfy all your needs and wants.

Briani House
Are you hungry? Head to the Briani House in the heart of Goodlands, where one of the tastiest local dishes is served. Indeed, the "Briani" is a Mauritian specialty with rice that can be made with chicken, beef, fish and can even be vegetarian. It has nothing to do with the Indian dish "biryani" but still originates from India. It is eaten with a cucumber and carrot salad, «satini» (tomato chutney) and often with pickled vegetables. All of this is available for Rs 100 only!

Eshan's "dholl puri"
If you want to eat something lighter, Eshan's delicious "dholl puri" will delight your taste buds. "Dholl puri" may sound like "dholl pourri" (the French equivalent for the word "rotten", but don't worry, what Eshan serves isn't rotten. It is a delicious thin dough made of crushed yellow peas. It can be eaten with tomato paste, pumpkin and even with curry. It is the most typical of Mauritian specialties. You can even enjoy it anytime, whether in the morning, at noon or at night.

La Demeure de Sainte Antoine
Towards the exit of Goodlands, on the road leading to Poudre d'Or Village, there is an iconic place called La Deumeure de Saint Antoine, which is a classy colonial guest house from the 1900s. With its green garden, this place welcomes the public in the morning and evening for various occasions and also provides Mauritian delicacies.

Living in Goodlands
Finding a small house in Goodlands is the most reliable way to enjoy the Mauritian culture. If you like human warmth and conviviality, you will surely love this village. If the idea of a short stay or living in Goodlands appeals to you, contact our estate agency to find the accommodation that will meet your needs.

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