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In the south-west of Mauritius, the region of Tamarin welcomes visitors with an idyllic landscape. Situated only a few kilometres from Flic en Flac, the village of Tamarin is mostly visited by locals who like to contemplate the lights and the landscape in the distance at night. However, the beach of Tamarin, known for its calm and authenticity, is still very popular. Well known for the interest that fishermen have for this place, the village is now home to many residents, who like living in a developed, very chic area close to amenities.

Activities in Tamarin
With its greyish water and its brown sand, Tamarin beach remains one among the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius. Set in a picturesque environment, by the surrounding trees and mountains, the village of Tamarin exudes an incomparable energy and harmony that seduce visitors, pushing them to lose their way intentionally. The beach of Tamarin is not as much of a touristic attraction compared to other beaches. However, it attracts some tourists and surfers, the thrill seekers. With a reputation established by its indomitable waves, the waters of Tamarin attract those who keep looking for adrenaline.

The Stand up paddle, a sliding sport that consists of getting up on a board and rowing with a paddle, has also become the most practiced water sport in Tamarin. Equipped with a lifejacket, this activity can be practiced by children as well as adults. While sailing, the Stand up paddle gives the opportunity to discover the surroundings, both the landscapes and the lagoons. It’s an amazing activity for those who are adventuresome.

It is also possible to book boats and enjoy water sports other than surfing and stand up paddle, such as diving, skydiving and paragliding, windsurfing, kitesurfing, boat trips with the Tamarin OceanPro Diving Center and golf at Tamarina Golf Club. You can also enjoy the great experience of the Salines of Tamarin; salt production is an interesting and rewarding activity that should not be missed. This activity forms part of the identity and authenticity of Mauritius.

At Tamarin Bay, the accommodation industry has grown over the years. While it had only a three star hotel, Le Tamarin, which has recently been renovated, it now offers a variety of luxurious hotels at decent prices, boasting a good atmosphere, concerts, dances and shows which highlight the Mauritian culture. It also offers a few souvenir shops and mini-markets in order to make things easier for locals and visitors alike.

Accomodation in Tamarin
The sunsets over Tamarin Bay are astonishing. The reflections of the sun and its changing colors on the beaches of Tamarin, the nature and the hills that adorn the area, shaping the landscape, are full of surprises. In the morning, you will have the chance to see beautiful dolphins and to swim alongside them. You will be amazed by this activity. Tamarin Bay is still one of the best destinations during your visit to Mauritius. Despite the tourist setting, it remains peaceful and exudes breathtaking charm. How about you enjoy the sunset daily from your balcony? Find out more about the properties for rent or for purchase in Tamarin from our team and live a beautiful life!

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