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Located between the town of Grand Gaube and the beach of Anse La Raie, the village of Calodyne is found in the northeast of the island. This little piece of paradise will not only be pleasant to your eyes, but will also provide you with many facilities. Whether it is for holidays or for a life-long holiday, Calodyne is perfect! Find out why.

Unreal setting 
The Calodyne Beach will surely provide comfort, with its casuarina trees, coconut trees and splendid coves. Seen from the sky, it seems unreal. In the shades of green and blue, the sea surrounds all the greenery on this side of the island. There are some rocks on the sandy beach. They are covered little by little by the waters of the beach. The temperature is very pleasant thanks to the sun and the gentle breeze that always blows.

Calodyne Beach is a quiet and warm place, ideal for escaping civilization and loud noises. It offers a perfect environment for those who seek calm and inner peace. It offers an impressive landscape that will leave you speechless. Calodyne Beach gives all ocean lovers the opportunity to enjoy sensational activities in the water such as scuba diving, stand up paddle, fishing, kayaking and other exciting activities.

Accommodation in Calodyne
The village of Calodyne houses some hotels which charge very reasonable prices like the Sealife Resort and Spa, the Résidence La Plage, some villas like the Luxury villa Mauritius, the Luxury Villa Mauritius, the Luxury Villa Calodyne sur Mer, The Paradise Point Villa. Zilwa Attitude provides you with a view on five different islands.  Both hotels and villas offer remarkable views, tasty dishes, a spacious swimming pool, access to the spa and a selection of relaxing massages. Come and taste the flavours of Mauritius, its tropical fruits and the high-standard services that will be at your disposal. Your vacation will be memorable.

It is so easy to fall in love with Calodyne in one visit. With its proximity to facilities and its distance from pollution and noise, the village has been chosen by many as a place to build their bungalows or even their permanent residences. Mauritians and foreigners alike love this amazing village for all the comfort and ease it provides. Get in touch with one of our agents today in order to find the best residence and settle down in Calodyne.

Nearby villages and facilities
If you are looking for more alternatives, you can visit the beaches of Grand Gaube which are quite fascinating. The grass mound, also called Calodyne island, which is a small, peaceful beach with very few people, is appreciated by locals and tourists which is unique and encourages exploration. Surrounded by shrubs and grass, the waters around the grass mound reflect the shades of blue and green. You can just hang your hammock and let yourself be rocked by the song of birds, and by the sound of leaves and waves.

Since it is located in the north of the island, it is also possible to visit other places that are close to Calodyne. With a variety of commercial areas in the vicinity, you will be able to find everything you may need. The north of the country has the reputation of being an ideal place thanks to all the facilities it offers. Grand Bay, Pereybère, Cap Malheureux and other areas are easy to reach from Calodyne.

Furthermore, there is much entertainment to enjoy in these villages. Restaurants, shops, shopping complexes, beaches and excursions, you definitely will need a lot of time to be able to enjoy it all. There are also attractions which both children and adults can enjoy at the Grand Bay Coeur de Ville, for example the bumper car.

Enjoy unforgettable experiences with your family; the sun, the fine sand and discover the wild islands around Mauritius. There's nothing better than tanned skin and a fresh cocktail in hand for the holidays.

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