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Bain Boeuf

Bain Boeuf beach, situated in the northwest of Mauritius, is located a little further in the north of Grand Bay, between Pereybere and Cap Malheureux.

Bain Boeuf is a small and cozy beach. In the white sand and very fine, it is interrupted by small flocks of rocks. However, the seawater remains turquoise blue, very clear, pleasant for swimming and diving. Made up of white and very fine sand, A very quiet spot, it remains less lively and less crowded than the large northern beaches. Perfect for a relaxing day, Bain Boeuf is a small, peaceful and very welcoming beach that encourages family picnics. The beach welcomes fishing enthusiasts during the day and in the evening. The lagoons are filled with boats, encouraging marine activities such as fishing, excursions to the Gunner’s Quoin, diving, sailing and many other interesting activities. If you buy a house in Bain Boeuf, your weekends will surely be filled with fun activities!

Moreover, couples would surely enjoy a getaway to the Coin de Mire Hotel. The hotel offers a wide range of reasonably priced activities. First of all, breakfast and open buffet dinner, with Italian, Mauritian, Chinese and Indian cuisines, delicious cocktails and appetizers are served. A large swimming pool as well as the pedalo are available to holidaymakers. You will discover and enjoy the the culinary experiences offered by Mauritius island.

Make sure to visit Bain Boeuf on your holiday trip to Mauritius; you will surely go back with unique memories! A visit to the Blue Safari Submarines will allow you to have an unforgettable underwater excursion. The submarine can dive up to 30-35 metres deep. You will be able to discover all the aquatic species that are found in our lagoons, such as tropical fishes, shellfish, lobsters and other marine creatures. The Aventure du Sucre, is another interesting destination where you will be able to visit the museum which is an old sugar factory. You will have the opportunity to taste varieties of brown sugar, honey, jams and rums from New Grove.

The Mauritius Aquarium, in Pointe aux Piments, which is nearby, is also an experience not to be missed. You will be captivated by the thousands of fish, sharks, turtles and those who covet our reefs. The Van Ann Chocolate Factory is another exceptional and unique place in Mauritius. Built in 1992 by a Belgian woman, the Van Ann chocolate factory offers a visit and you would not be disappointed. It offers an exquisite variety of chocolate. Chocolate lovers will be able to buy some to give as a gift or simply for their personal consumption. You will be able to visit many other attractions in the north of the island.

Grand Bay is only a short drive from Bain Boeuf. To expand your possibilities and have free choice on souvenir shops, restaurants, supermarkets, Grand Bay offers the best restaurants, nightclubs and bars that are open until the wee hours of the morning. You will also find the shopping center of Grand Bay, La Croisette Mall, which is one of the biggest mall in the northern region. You will find other shops and souvenir shops, pizzerias, cinema and jewelry stores. If you are looking for more experience outside of hotels, Grand Bay will be your anchor.

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