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Pointe aux Piments

Pointe aux Piments, situated in the North-East of Mauritius, is an ideal place not only to rest but also for adventures at sea. There is far more to the delicious Mauritian cuisine and seafood that you can enjoy in this coastal village. There also is a whole new world waiting to be discovered: the underwater world. Marine creatures, sea and waves lovers, pay attention, Pointe aux Piments will certainly appeal to you!

Getting to know the local marine biodiversity of Mauritius and its surroundings
If you have always wanted to be close to sea creatures but not too close, you might want to visit the main attraction of Pointe aux Piments: the Mauritius Aquarium. While you won’t find Nemo there, you can still watch his cousins swimming around. Approximately 200 types of aquatic animals live in tanks displayed in five separate halls, ranging from fish to turtles, crabs, sharks, moray eels, octopuses, starfish and others. You will have an overview of almost all the species of marine creatures that live in the waters of Mauritius.

It is becoming increasingly important to raise awareness in children (and adults as well) about the need to protect the marine ecosystems. Signposts displayed below each tank will help them understand the significant contribution of each species to the ecosystem.

One thing to keep your eyes peeled for is the feeding sessions, scheduled at 11 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon. Moray eels, sharks and other seemingly-intimidating animals being fed by the caretakers is a much delightful sight. Sharks and eels are not the only ones who get hungry though. You can grab a snack at the Coral Café while observing the beautiful creek of Pointe aux Piments.

Any question that you may have will be answered by the aquarium’s expert.

Unravel the mysteries beneath the surface of the sea
Glass-bottom boats are much appreciated by those who would like to experience the beauty of the sea without getting drenched. Those who are not afraid to jump into the water can go diving; they will not be disappointed by the abundance of the marine fauna and flora. In fact, Pointe aux Piments is a fascinating diving site.

The Easy Dive Mauritius diving club, located at the Le Meridien Ile Maurice hotel, offers to accompany you on boating and diving trips. Their night dive session has to be their most enthralling one. Just imagine plunging into the cool water in the silence of the night to meet the creatures that live beneath the surface of the sea; fish, eels, turtles, aquatic plants. It sure does sound thrilling! Who knows what magical sight awaits you?

It is worth noting that the company offers an induction course for kids, called ‘Bubblemaker’ and a ‘PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Seal Team’ course, which involves exciting tasks to perform for children aged 8 and above, in order to further instill the love of diving in them. Professional training in night-diving, rescue-diving, underwater photography as well as other disciplines are available.

With its amazing waves, Pointe aux Piments is sure to be of interest to surfers. Two well-known surf spots are to be considered. Beginners might feel more comfortable at “Calamar”, which is found near the Récif Attitude hotel. More experienced surfers can head to “Tagore”, near the public beach to try and tame the waves. Get your boards!

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