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The village of Pereybere

The coastal village of Péreybère is located in the north of Mauritius, precisely between the villages of Grand Bay and Cap Malheureux. Its beach is reminiscent of the small deserted island, cut off from the world and the hustle and bustle of daily life, which almost everyone dreams of finding themselves on for a while at some point in their lives. However, Péreybère is far from being a lifeless village: on the very contrary, it is bubbling with life!

History: Let's take a little trip into the past.
In 1845, a man named Charles Péreybère, hence the name of the village, owned land covering about 703 acres. Many years later, in 1929, he agreed to sell his land to a certain Mr. Georges Castel. However, as malaria had spread on these lands in the past, they remained uninhabitable until white Mauritians of French origin came to settle there and until later, houses, camps and hotels were built. However, the village of Péreybère still maintains an unparalleled simplicity and atmosphere.

The beach of Péreybère 
The public beach of Péreybère welcomes many families every week. Being popular with many people, it is however less crowded than the beach of Grand Baie or Cap Malheureux. Having not really been transformed into a tourist attraction, the beach may seem unreal to those who love peace and quiet. Loved for its beauty, its fine sand and its pure and transparent water, one can also find in the village many varieties of tropical fruits such as pineapples, watermelons, litchis, starfruits and mangoes. Without forgetting coconut water, which is indispensable for cooling off on the beach!

Restaurants, activities and hotels in Péreybère
There are also small, cosy restaurants not far from the beach where everyone can have a good time for breakfast or lunch with the family. Then there is the little "coup de cœur" of each Mauritian and each tourist; the bay of Péreybère. It offers a magnificent view of the entire beach and the sunsets seen from the bay are breathtaking. Couples, newlyweds and honeymooners are encouraged to attend. You will not be disappointed.

In Péreybère, it is also possible to stay in very luxurious hotels at low prices, which offer a magnificent view of the beach, with comfortable rooms and a la carte menus, which also include vegetarian dishes. These hotels are usually located close to the road, and in Péreybère, you will also find five-star hotels at higher prices, such as Island's Edge Luxury Private Pool Villas, or Ocean Beauty, which offers breakfast on the terrace and other facilities such as the Winners supermarket, which is just a few meters from the hotel.

In addition, there are also other, more touristic beaches in the vicinity of Péreybère, such as those of Grand Baie, Pointe aux Canonniers and Mont Choisy. The shopping centre of La Croisette, which is not so far away, also welcomes many visitors every day, with restaurants, shops, wine cellars and other attractions such as bowling. You won't regret your stay with us!
Purchase and rental in Péreybère

Péreybère is the perfect place to settle down; the village is both modern and traditional. Many studios, houses and apartments are currently for sale or rent in Péreybère. Make the most of it! What's more, buying or renting commercial premises in Péreybère would allow you to make the most of the village's popularity. Indeed, its location will encourage the influx of customers. Moreover, entrepreneurship and trade are very profitable in Mauritius. Contact Decordier Immobilier (Mauritius) to find a property that meets your needs in Péreybère today. 

Some properties of this city

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