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Mont Choisy

Mont Choisy Beach, located in the north-west of Mauritius, is one of the most popular beaches in Mauritius. It exudes perfect harmony between the sparkling water and the whitish sand. Dotted with Casuarina trees, the beach of Mont Choisy attracts Mauritians and tourists.  It is not only one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius but also the longest one,it provides comfort to each and everyone. Vast, with shady areas under the Casuarina trees, family picnics prove to be an excellent idea. Thanks to its clear and warm water, it is absolutely awesome for swimming, sunbathing and diving.

Several luxury residences have been built in Mont Choisy in recent years. A few residential complexes near the beach, with security and housekeeping services, encourage interactions with other foreigners who have come to Mauritius. But why do foreigners like Mont Choisy you ask?

For its beach and its typically Mauritian feel.
Boats for sea trips and deep-sea fishing await you. Its waters are also suitable for water sports. The beach of Mont Choisy remains a very popular and much visited beach. Parties are very frequent, sportsmen and women go jogging, and evenings of "traditional Mauritian sega tipik" are usually organized during the weekend with colleagues, family or friends. The Mauritian Creole dance, called "séga tipik mauricien", is a kind of music and dance whose origins date back to the period of slavery. It is a rhythmic and daring dance, performed wearing long colourful skirts and moving the hips, hands and feet. This dance helped slaves preserve their identity and culture, while helping them deal with the frustration of slavery. Even today, it still breaks down cultural barriers and encourages sharing, regardless of the dancers' social class or religious affiliation.

For its good food and the availability of groceries
Not far from the beach, there are always numerous vendors selling ice cream, exquisite fruits and coconut water. There are also mobile vans selling street food on the way to the beach. They offer Mauritian menus as well as copious and delicious Chinese menus, all at reasonable prices. There are also many restaurants, resto bars and pizzerias in the surrounding area. You can visit the Mont Choisy Le Mall, which you will find without any difficulty, as it is not far from the main road. There you will find a wide variety of gifts and souvenirs to offer as well as clothing.

For its hotels with outstanding services
You will find a large number of hotels in the area of Mont Choisy, and among them, luxury hotels such as Touessrok, Prince Maurice, One & Only Saint Geran, or the Royal Palm. There are also five-star hotels such as the Dinarobin Hotel, Le Paradis Hotel, or 4-star hotels such as La Pirogue Hotel, Le Mauricia Hotel and Le Victoria Hotel. As far as hotels are concerned, it can be said that in the northern region, there are several hotels and villas at low prices and others at slightly higher prices. You can also take advantage of the special offers offered by hotels and spas for a day of relaxation.

Experience an unforgettable holiday in Mauritius! With the various activities on offer, this part of the world will amaze you with its coral reefs and underwater world. You will be captivated by the beauty of the Indian Ocean, the different cultures and the Mauritian hospitality. You will find sunshine and good humour at Mont Choisy. As far as your comfort is concerned, you can rely on our real estate agency in Grand Bay to offer you the best holiday rentals at low prices.

Some properties of this city