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Beau Bassin, the twin Town

Beau Bassin was named the twin or sister city because of its proximity to the town of Rose Hill. This beautiful city has a pleasant climate, taking advantage of the cool winds of Moka and the sunny sky of the west, making it a great place to live. DECORDIER IMMOBILIER (Mauritius) has selected for you several properties in this exceptional city. Now light on everything that makes the beauty of Beau Bassin…

Living in an urban area in Mauritius
Beau Bassin is by far the largest city of residence in Mauritius. How about saving on fuel? There is no need to take the car when going to shop, to have a coffee in a trendy café or for simply going to the bank, everything is within walking or cycling distance. It also has a post office, nurseries/schools for all ages, shops, a beautiful municipal swimming pool, a typical Mauritian market and a highly developed transport network.

Catering in Beau Bassin
If you are a gourmet or just like to have a nice meal in a good restaurant from time to time, Beau Bassin is THE city for you! It is important to talk about catering in Beau Bassin because it has an impressive number of restaurants and bars of all kinds to suit each and everyone! You just have to choose. The famous rolled ice creams and mamadou mini pancakes are mouth watering. Find a house or an apartment today in a town where you can take a break from cooking or from having to eat homemade food from time to time, and enjoy good food, all within walking distance of your home.

Leisure and Sports
Have you ever thought there could be a green safe haven in the heart of a big city? Beau Bassin has one! The popular Balfour garden sits on cliffs with the Grande-Rivière-North-West below and offers a great view on waterfalls and lush gorges. There are also beautiful palm trees, small streams and a playground for children, just for you to enjoy a moment of tranquility, a picnic with your family or a walk listening to the melody of nature.

If you like spiritual retreats, the Tabor is an essential place in Beau Bassin. It stands proudly above the Balfour waterfall and has a beautiful endemic garden. Time seems to have stopped right here.

Sportsmen and women, rejoice! A good number of sports can be practiced there! Sports halls, gym and fitness centres welcome you from morning to evening during the whole week and offer private coaching and dance/zumba classes to your greatest pleasure. Public facilities like a football field and a basketball court, as well as a judo and table tennis centre are available. For a few swimming laps there is a municipal swimming pool where you can practice professional swimming or just enjoy some hours at the pool with your family or friends.

The city of Beau Bassin is full of assets and is worth a visit. Decordier Immobilier (Mauritius) remains at your entire disposal for all your questions and information or a visit of its listed properties in Beau Bassin.

Some properties of this city

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