• Dolphins are known to be intelligent and fun to be around. An essentially social animal, they have been reported to have formed bonds with human beings and protecting swimmers from shark attacks. As such, there are many reasons to go meet these endearing aquatic mammals. Dolphins love the warm sea around Mauritius, which makes the island a great location to swim with them. Moreover, interacting with dolphins in their natural habitat means they are more likely to be happier than in an aquarium and this guarantees the authenticity of the experience.
  • Practical Information

    When to go? There are better chances of spotting dolphins early in the morning, while they are on their way to the deep sea to hunt for food.

    How to go? Speedboats are better for this activity. It takes less time to reach the spots and therefore reduces the probability of missing out on them.

    Which species will you encounter? Two types of dolphins have been seen in the waters around Mauritius. The Spinner Dolphin, the distinctive trait of which is its long, thin beak, can be spotted in groups. Watching them swim together is like watching a ballet performance. This species has been seen performing some 14 spins in a row above the water.

    The Bottlenose Dolphin is the most famous species. It is less shy and enjoys human interaction a lot. It will be very easy to go nearer to and even caress this species. These are usually 2 to 4 meters long. The major difference between the two species is their colours; the Spinner Dolphin is of a darker shade of grey and often bears a cream-coloured patch on its belly.

    Three spots where you can swim with dolphins in Mauritius:

    Tamarin/Black River

    Around Tamarin village, on the western coast of Mauritius, a group of about 20 dolphins can be seen daily in the early hours of the day. The best time to go swim with the dolphins in this area is between 6 and 10 a.m. A package of two and a half hours is available to perform the activity there and snorkeling gear is provided without additional charges so that you may spot them if they decide to play hide-and-seek.

    In the vicinity of Coin de Mire

    It is very common for dolphins to be around the waters of the island of Coin de Mire, situated some 8 kilometers away from the northern coast of Mauritius. Boat/catamaran trips to the islands in the north of Mauritius (Flat Island, Gabriel Island, Round Island etc.) are often halted on the way upon dolphin sighting in order to allow people to join them. Many tours combine the visit of the northern islands and swimming with dolphins.

    Bénitiers Island

    500 meters from the coastal village of La Gaulette, on the south-western coast of Mauritius, is the Bénitiers Island. Dolphins love the serenity of its waters. Outings which include swimming with the dolphins and lunch on the island usually begin at 7:30 a.m and last about 7 hours. Sounds like a pretty fun day, right?

    Swimming with dolphins is a therapy in itself. These creatures are so adorable and amazing to interact with. Combined with a trip to the islands around Mauritius, you would have a perfect day out.