Islands at Mauritius
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Islands around Mauritius

Explore the waters around Mauritius: there are many amazing islands and islets. Most of them are uninhabited and their landscapes help one’s imagination to run wild. Every islands tells a tale. Have a great getaway in Mauritius!

8 kilometers away from the Northern coast of Mauritius, you will come across Coin de Mire. The Flat Island is located higher up. A distance of 750 meters separates it from its neighbour, Gabriel Island. Farther stand the Round Island and l’île aux Serpents respectively. North-East from Mauritius lie Pointe Bernache, Amber Island and the Dead Man’s Island. Don’t let the name of the last-mentioned one scare you; it has been named by the British due to the frequent sinking of ships in that area.

To the East of Mauritius are situated Mangenie Island and l’île aux Cerfs. The latter is greatly appreciated by locals and foreigners alike. Moving South-East, you shall see the islets of Grand Port. The waters surrounding them have witnessed the battles of the British against the French for the rule over Mauritius. Amongst these islets are listed : l’île aux Flamants, Marianne Island, the Rocher des Oiseaux, l’île aux Fous, l’île aux Fouquets, l’île aux Vacoas and l’île de la Passe. 

Mouchoir Rouge is another islet to the South-East of the main island. It is close to l’île aux Aigrettes and l’îlot des Deux Cocos. L’îlot Sancho is located in the South of Mauritius, whereas l’îlot Fourneau, l’île aux Bénitiers and l’îlot Fortier, are on the South-Western side.

Rodrigues Island is 583 kilometers away from the Eastern coast of the main island and is one of its districts. Some islands that surround Rodrigues are the Crab Island, l’île aux Sables, l’île aux Cocos – not to be confused with l’île aux Deux Cocos –, Hermitage Island, Gombrani Island, l’île Paille en Queue and Cat Island.

The following three islands are also found in the waters around Mauritius, namely: Agaléga, Saint Brandon – which also has some islands around it – and Tromelin.

With more than thirty islands and islets to explore in its vicinity, Mauritius really is an outstanding destination for holidays. Catamaran cruises including the visit of many islands in one day are scheduled by different organisers in Mauritius. Opt for a boat trip to get the typical Robinson Crusoe vibes!