• How does a bird feel when it flies? What does it see? If these questions have ever crossed your mind, you should try parasailing. Performing this activity in Mauritius will allow you to have a bird’s eye view of the extraordinary beauty of its lagoons and their surroundings. If you are hesitant to go for it, Decordier Immobilier (Mauritius) tells you all about how parasailing is done in Mauritius.
  • Practical Information

    Even though the idea of “flying” high up in the sky over the sea may seem dangerous, there is actually nothing to be afraid about. In fact, you will not “take off” until the ground assistants do not ensure that your flight harness is properly fixed. A life jacket is also provided. The minimum age requirement for the activity is 8 and the maximum weight is 90 kgs.

    Parasailing may be done alone at Grand Bay or as a duo at Ile aux Cerfs. The duration of the activity varies according to the location. The best time of the day to perform it is the morning. The air is fresher and the sea is calmer.

    How it’s done

    A boat takes the participant/s from the beach to the launching platform. Instructions will be given to the them. Following security checks, the driver will start the boat and gradually increase the speed until the air lifts the parachute into the sky, at the height of 60 meters approximately above the sea. No effort is required to steer the parachute; it follows the direction the boat goes. The participant/s may opt to “touch and go” before landing, meaning he/they would be dipped into the water before going up again and then land onto the platform.

    Some parasailing spots

    Grand Bay, Mont Choisy and Trou aux Biches are the three most popular northern destinations to perform parasailing. From the sky, you will see the lively shores of Grand Bay and the parked boats will look like toys. 12 minutes of delightful sights and thrill await here.

    The longest beach of Mauritius, Mont Choisy has a breathtaking landscape to offer; an arc-shaped shoreline with immaculate white sand and tall casuarina trees standing farther up from the beach. While Trou aux Biches is a very famous spot, it is often less crowded than Grand Bay and Mont Choisy. This makes it an ideal place for those who would like to indulge in the joys of parasailing peacefully.

    On the eastern coast of Mauritius, Belle Mare and Ile aux Cerfs are two of the preferred parasailing spots.

    In addition to its beautiful beach, you will see atop the magnificent hotels along the shore of Belle Mare. A session at this site lasts for 3 to 4 minutes. Ile aux Cerfs is located 20 minutes away by boat from the coast of Mauritius. Its lagoon is one of the largest. The setting is idyllic from eye-level. However, you will be in total awe looking at its 100 hectares of green and white as well as its lagoon sporting different shades of blue.

    Man has no wings to fly, but parasailing offers him a parachute to. It is a liberating activity, giving a sense of freedom. Moreover, the adrenaline rush that one feels during a session is addictive. Once someone has tried this activity, it is very hard to ever stop. So fly with your own wings, or rather your parachute!