• Whether you are intending to start kitesurfing or looking to tame the waves and perfect your riding, air-style or freestyle techniques, Mauritius has some of the best spots in the Indian Ocean. Furthermore, the fact that most kitesurfing schools in Mauritius are IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) Certified makes it an even better destination to learn the discipline.
  • The best months

    Believe it or not, winter months are the best to practice kitesurfing in Mauritius. Summertime winds are not as strong. During winter, the winds in Mauritius range between 18 to 35 knots. Moreover, it is nearly always warm and sunny on the coasts. So book your tickets for April until the end of November to enjoy some of the best kitesurfing times of your life.

    Le Morne

    Located in the south-western coast of the island, Le Morne is by far one of the best spots to practice kitesurfing. The backdrop of the mountain bearing the same name just adds to the beauty of the experience.

    One Eye and Manawa are two of the most famous locations. While this represents the disadvantage of the water being crowded, it also offers the advantage of meeting people who share your passion and from whom you might learn new styles. Waves at Manawa can reach up to 6 meters. Landing can be quite challenging there.

    Beginners should not be disheartened though. They can rely on the Son of Kite or the Le Morne Kite School (LMKS) to get ready to tame the waves.

    The Kite Lagoon, in the west side of the Morne Bay, is very suitable for learners. Let the steady south-east winds guide you. Waves are at a distance of 600 meters away in the lagoon. More experienced kite-surfers would probably prefer the Passe de l’Ambulante and Lovers’ Point, two lesser known spots of kitesurf in Mauritius, and thus less crowded ones.

    La Prairie

    With the wind and the width of the lagoon in your favour, this place, some 10 minutes by car away from Le Morne is the option to run for if the latter gets crowded.

    Tamarin Bay

    Before its wind patterns changed – due to climatic changes – this area, on the western coast, used to be loved by professional kite-surfers. However, it is still ideal for novices. Practicing there between 8 and 9 in the morning will definitely help them improve.

    Belle Mare

    Belle Mare is a coastal village in the Flacq district, on the eastern coast. Its bay challenges experienced kite-surfers to surf in the wind’s direction when the tide is high.

    Pointe d’Esny

    A paradise for freestylers, Point d’Esny is located in the south and is very much beginner-friendly. It is advised to surf by the south/south-east wind here and to get away from the first row of anchored boats so as to be able to enjoy the spot to its full potential.

    Ile aux Cerfs

    20 minutes away from the eastern coast of Mauritius, this island most likely offers the widest bay and the clearest shallow waters for you to glide on. On days when the wind is stable, you can even go back to the Trou d’Eau Douce village (on the eastern coast) by kitesurfing.

    Bel Ombre

    Located on the southern coast, Bel Ombre is a site for beginners. The public beach’s calm lagoon will allow you to gain more confidence while learning. The Mauritius kitesurfing centre is situated right there, allowing for maximum practice possible.

    If kitesurfing spots determine your next holiday destination, choose Mauritius. You won’t be disappointed. The island will cater for all your needs. There is enough space for every skill level.