• To be less scared of crocodiles, there is nothing better than observing them from afar. La Vanille Crocodile Park, now called La Vanille Nature Park allows you to do that, along with interacting with other animals. Built in 1985, it is located in the south of Mauritius, precisely at Rivière des Anguilles.
  • Railways

    By 1864 Mauritius had two railway structures, a train carrying goods and sugar cane for sugar factories around the island, and a train that enabled the inhabitants to travel. As time went by, rail transport could no longer compete with road transport as a means of transport, so the government decided to stop using trains. The last train was running on 31 march 1956. At the Vanilla Nature Park you will have the opportunity to see an old locomotive that dates back to the 80's, probably among the last of its line, displayed. It was removed from the railways in 1981 and was abandoned at the Savannah Sugar Estate until it was preserved at La Vanille Nature Park in 1986.

    Protecting and serving nature!

    Nature has provided us with many resources; an abundance of plants and greenery, land, animals, seas and tides. Many have been depleted, others have been lucky enough to be preserved. Through deforestation, man has destroyed most of our resources. The degradation of our forest surfaces and agricultural spaces, as well as the eradication of insects, are ongoing. Animals and plants are of paramount importance in life itself. As our duty is to preserve what little we have left, La Vanille Nature Park is committed to serving this noble cause to this day.

    La Vanille Nature Park now protects many species of animals, such as crocodiles, bats, parrots, monkeys, geese, donkeys, ducks and chickens. You will not only be welcomed by an iguana named Octar, but you will also have the opportunity to feed and pet all the animals in the park. Why deprive these little beings of affection ? You will fall under the spell of each of them!

    Not only does the park preserve their natural habitats, it also preserves a host of endemic insects. Like a collection of coins, insects are also preserved in display cases with regulated temperatures. Nature lovers and the eco-friendly will find bliss in this environment where happiness prevails.

    On the Dodo's footsteps

    You have heard about it and you want to know everything about the dodo, a species of bird so big that it could not fly? The Vanilla Nature Park has a museum that relates its life. This bird lived in Mauritius before its species became extinct. The museum holds paintings illustrating the dodo, as well as the dodo's journey, which could be traced through extensive research.

    Unheard of!

    Come and discover the restaurant Le Crocodile Affamé. Can you guess what their specialty is? Crocodiles ! Yes, it’s unbelievable ! The menu includes typical Mauritian dishes made with crocodile meat. The restaurant's tasty dishes will surely make you hungry like a crocodile. Wondering how the crocodile's flesh tastes? The answer awaits at La Vanille Nature Park.