• One of the most beautiful experiences in the aquatic world is certainly swimming with turtles. Marine turtles are calm and harmless during swimming and diving and welcome you to their natural environment. This species is one of the most exciting to observe underwater. If you want to swim with turtles in an idyllic setting, Mauritius is the place to come to!
  • The  ID card of the sea turtle

    The sea turtle, this magnificent marine animal from the reptile family, is found in all the oceans of the world (except in the Arctic Ocean where it is too cold) but with a strong preference for warm waters (20°C or more). Therefore the lagoons of Mauritius where the water temperature remains between 28°C in summer and 21°C in winter attract many marine turtles. These animals can swim up to 35km/h and have a life expectancy of 150 years. There are currently 7 types of sea turtles, the green turtle, the Kemp turtle, the olive turtle, the hawksbill turtle, the flat-backed turtle and the leatherback turtle, which is the largest turtle in the world and can measure up to 2m40. Her favourite dishes are small fish, seaweed, shellfish and crustaceans.

    An extraordinary experience

    Are you fascinated by this majestic animal? Why not try swimming with these beautiful sea turtles! Mauritius' warm waters and diverse fauna and flora make it a perfect place for marine turtles. You will be able to meet these wonderful creatures in the lagoons of Mauritius. You can talk to experts and put all the chances on your side to make this extraordinary meeting; indeed some diving centers or locals organize early in the morning a boat trip to join the sites where you can observe the sea turtles swimming in these magnificent shiny turquoise waters.

    The best spots in Mauritius to swim with turtles

    There are several sites in Mauritius where all the conditions are present to meet sea turtles, some of these spots are;

    - Flat Island: Its turquoise blue lagoon is full of fish and its tranquility makes Flat Island an ideal place for a one-on-one getaway with the most beautiful sea turtles.

    - The site of the 3 anchors (13 to 18 meters): if you are a diver (licensed level 1) this site which is located in the area of Trou aux Biches and Grand Bay. The ridges of the drop offs and the large rocks form a resting place for green turtles.

    - In the lagoon of Trou aux Biches you can meet sea turtles and experience a moment of wonder.

    - Gabriel Islet: The site is still very wild and you can observe the turtles that meet there.

    - The turtle point at Pereybère: It is a site where you can meet beautiful green turtles while scuba diving. The crystal clear water provides very good visibility.

    Practical information: For the well-being of turtles, do not touch them, they are a fragile and protected species. To schedule this activity, you can get in touch with the diving centers of the island or the organisers of tours which include swimming with turtles, who can usually be found on the beaches of Mauritius.