• Are you planning to settle down in Mauritius? You’re wondering how to and what you should consider? DECORDIER IMMOBILIER (Mauritius) has got your back.
  • How to settle down in Mauritius?

    Just like for any country, settling down in Mauritius requires a permit. There are four main types of permits available: the Residence Permit (effective for three years and renewable), the Permanent Residence Permit (valid for 10 renewable years), the Young Professional Occupation Permit and the Occupation Permit (both effective for three years respectively and renewable).

    Visit this page in order to know more regarding the conditions that are required by the Economic Development Board of Mauritius to obtain each one.

    To sum up, retired foreigners, young graduates who have obtained their bachelor’s degree from a university in Mauritius, professionals, entrepreneurs, investors and buyers of real estate assets at more than 500,000 USD are eligible for either of the aforementioned permits.

    Do note that the civil marriage of a foreigner to a Mauritian grants a Permanent Residence Permit to the former automatically.

    What about your spouse and your children? Here is the good news: they can stay in Mauritius as long as the permit of the holder allows; 3 or 10 years. Whether the children are your biological children, your step-children or legally adopted ones, they do not need a separate permit, as long as they are less than 24 years old, since they count as your dependents.

    How is life in Mauritius?

    You will learn that Mauritius is one of the best countries in many ways.

    You know the setting already: beaches, sea, mountains, forests, in short, breathtaking landscapes. Now add to this, luxurious residences with all required amenities. Mauritius boasts a pleasant climate; winters and summers are not as harsh as they are in other countries.

    In terms of residence, you will have the possibility to choose from the luxurious properties with many advantages under the Property Development Scheme (PDS), the Smart City project or the Ground +2 apartments. The purchase of a property for more than 500,000 US dollars guarantees the grant of the Permanent Residence Permit. You can find more details on this page.

    Let’s talk about Mauritians. They are very warm and usually talkative. They love relating (true or untrue) stories. You will not feel homesick or out of place. The Mauritian cuisine includes variations of or dishes originating from several parts of the world.

    In terms of finance, the cost of living is affordable. The fiscal laws are beneficial. The country’s economy is flourishing, with several new profitable sectors emerging. Foreign investment is the most welcome. School and tertiary education in Mauritian institutes are free. There is no major political tension in Mauritius. The island has good relations with other countries.

    The standard of living is high enough. A large variety of – food, clothing, etc. – products and services are available. The quality is also high enough. In addition to this, know that you will not get bored in Mauritius. There are plenty of land-based, water-based and sports activities to indulge in: horse-riding, hiking, surfing, diving, golf, squash… The list is quite long!

    Here you are. Now you know everything on how to settle down in Mauritius. We also have painted a picture of life on this very beautiful island. Now all you have to do is choose a property to rent or buy or a land on which you can build the house of your dreams.