Rodrigues Island, the Eastern neighbour, which a distance of 583 kilometers separates from Mauritius. We have introduced it as a relatively calm island,"/>
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A touch of modernity to Rodrigues Island

    A touch of modernity to Rodrigues Island

    We have talked about Rodrigues Island, the Eastern neighbour, which a distance of 583 kilometers separates from Mauritius. We have introduced it as a relatively calm island, somehow cut off from modernity. However, things are about to change. Two large-scale projects are about to be implemented in the island. The 17th of December last is symbolical to them, since it is on this date that these two projects were finalised.

    1. The expansion of the Plaine-Corail airport
    The landing strip of the Plaine-Corail airport is currently about 1.2 meters long. You must have understood that it is not suitable for large airplanes, giving rise to the need for this expansion project.

    The construction works will begin in 2021, since this project does not come without the need for sacrifice. Indeed, some fifteen families will have to move out of the Ste Marie village in order for this expansion project to take place. New residences are currently being built to accommodate them.

    The landing strip of 2,4 kilometers long and 45 meters wide will be ready in 2023. From then, it will be able to welcome bigger airplanes, with more than one hundred passengers. This will for sure bring many people to Rodrigues!

    The major actors in this project are Air Mauritius Ltd (AML), the Agence Française de Développment (AFD) and the European Union (EU) – the respective financial support of the two last ones allowing the realisation of this project costing Rs 4 billion. While the European Union will provide a subsidy of Rs 600 million, the Agence Française de Développment will grant us a loan of Rs 3,3 billion.

    Their respective representatives, André Pouilles-Duplaix – director of the AFD and Vincent Degert – EU ambassador in Mauritius, amongst other important guests, have met the Mauritian Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth, in order to sign the contract at the Passenger Terminal Building of the airport.

    2. The Technopark of Baladirou
    Rodrigues Island is aiming for further development. It is therefore following the footsteps of Mauritius in the construction of the Ebene cyber-city by building a Technopark. The latter is defined as a place which offers the necessary infrastructure in order to allow the establishment of existing industries which are technologically-advanced or the establishment of new technologically-advanced ones. The main objectives of this construction are, like the Chief Commissioner of Rodrigues, Serge Clair, has said, are to encourage companies to establish in Rodrigues as well as the creation of jobs.

    Mentions of the project were going around in 2017, but the optical fibre installation was deemed by the authorities to be a priority. Once this project has been completed, it is now the turn of the Technopark. Baladirou, a place in the North East of the island, has been chosen as the construction site. Landscape Mauritius has worked on the masterplan of the Technopark, which will be over an area of two hectares. This will be a major progress for Rodrigues. The project should be completed in 2022.

    Rodrigues island might attract a lot of international attention through the realisation of these two projects. It was about time that this heavenly little place opened up to the world, even if we hope that the island will not lose its unique charm.