• As much as the destination, the transport mode chosen matters, since it has an impact on your trip experience. There are many means to get around the islands surrounding Mauritius. Find out the strengths of each one.
  • The Catamaran

    A term coined in Tamilnadu, India, the catamaran is one of the most famous means for cruises. It is spacious and gives a feeling of high luxury. However, this does not mean that a catamaran trip costs a lot; different budgets are catered for. In addition to predetermined destinations, it is possible to have tailor-made catamaran excursions; sunset ones, having a romantic dinner aboard and even overnight ones including the visit of many islands.

    The Speedboat

    Another means of transport available to most islands around Mauritius, the speedboat is loved by thrill-seekers. The speed gives many the impression of flying over water. It is particularly preferred for trips organised to swim with dolphins, since it takes less time to reach the spots and therefore reduces the probability of missing them.

    The Boat-Taxi

    If you do not like the idea of having to stick to the itinerary of a trip, you will love this concept. Just like a cab, the boat-taxi drops you at and picks you from the island. This means of transport is often used to reach Ile aux Cerfs. It is available every 20 minutes at the public beach of Trou d’Eau Douce as from 9 in the morning. The last trip back to the eastern coast of Mauritius is at 4:30 in the afternoon.

    The Pirate Ship

    Since Ile aux Cerfs is a popular destination, there is much competition between trip organisers. In an effort to distinguish itself from others, a company organises a trip to the island on the model of an old pirate ship that actually existed in the past. Made of varnished wood, it boasts two masts and five sails.

    The embarkation point for the trip is Pointe Jérôme, in the south-east of the island. From there, you will sail on the lagoon, discover the snorkelling site “Trou Moutou” and the Grande Rivière waterfalls. Following a lunch served on the ship, you will spend the day on Ile aux Cerfs. The trip also includes a freediving session near Ile aux Aigrettes. A pirate show will be performed during the cruise.

    The Sea Kart

    This is the concept of land karting adapted to the sea. If you have ever dreamed of riding your own motorboat, look no further. This mode of transport offers the possibility of speeding up to 70 km/h, past the Crystal Rock and Bénitiers Island, following the guide’s main boat. A fun way to discover the islands on the east of Mauritius.

    The Traditional Pirogue

    Many Mauritian postcards display the photo of colourful pirogues in the bay. Go down memory lane to when the waters around Mauritius used to be filled with them by going on a trip to Ile de la Passe or Ile Phare on one of them. The embarkation point is at Pointe d’Esny on the southern coast of Mauritius.

    Each transport mode offers a unique kind of joy. If luxury and space is what you are looking for, then choose a catamaran trip. To get an adrenaline rush, go for a speedboat or a sea kart. Those who love independence might prefer the boat-taxi. To live a childhood dream, go for the pirate ship excursion. To live an authentic Mauritian experience, opt for the pirogue. The choice is yours.