• Set within the breathtaking landscapes of the Black River district in the east, the Casela Nature Parks offer an opportunity to experience different regions of Africa in one place. Divided into 4 fun categories, this is where man meets nature.
  • The Mountain Kingdom

    If you are looking for a kick, look no further. Zip-line in the very midst of the mountainous landscape of Black River, over a magnificent gorge in 4 different ways; Zig Zag Racer, Racer Doub Doub, The Risk Factor Bridge and Zip Splash Tour. We guarantee your heart will race for this one: the Canyon Swing. This activity literally gets you to take a leap from a 45-meter-high point and diving into a gorge.

    If mountain-climbing is your thing, the Via Ferrata Canyon Tour is for you. For this one, a bus will take you to the Thrill Mountain. Once you have your safety equipment on, the adventure begins: guides accompany you through the testing Mamzel Zabeth Mountain. Once greeted by the magnificent views of the park, you shall find back the energy lost during the climbing.

    Big Cats Kingdom

    The Walk With Lions activity is many people’s favourite. For long feared and steered away from, this activity demystifies the lion. Feel the pride of strolling next to the king of the jungle, accompanied by the expert animal caretakers.

    The Big Cats Drive Thru allows you to watch the lions that have grown too big for the abovementioned activity in their natural habitat, safely sheltered in a vehicle.

    Spend 10-15 minutes with the cheetahs, caracals, servals and cubs (the latter as and when available) during the Big Cats Interaction. Here again, you will be safe in the company of caretakers.

    Safari Kingdom

    For those who feel like exploring the place by moving freely for one hour, there’s the quad activity through the hills, valleys and near the rivers. The park offers the Exclusive Safari Quad Biking as an option designed for the ones who want to take their time, keep an eye out for the reserve’s freely strolling animals and be escorted on a more private level by a guide.

    Another great way to discover the park is through the E-Bike Safari. You won’t have to worry about harming nature with the transport mode being a fully eco-friendly bike.

    Balance your way through the Yemen Nature Reserve Park of Casela on a Segway Trip, another two-wheeled green transport mode. Other activities you can enjoy in this segment are the Rhino Interaction and the Giraffe Feeding.

    Middle Kingdom

    In a world full of cruelty against animals, let your child show kindness to them in the Petting Farm by bottle-feeding a rabbit or by feeding llamas. Kids will also enjoy pony rides and Tilapia fishing.

    Giant tortoise can be fed from 9 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon.

    Other activities

    There are so many activities to do at the park that it’s hard to choose. Yet, here are some of the most interesting ones:

    The Tulawaka Gold Coaster – an 800 meters-long, one-of-its-kind ride in the country.

    Avalanche Mines – slip on a buoy on this great toboggan slide

    Camel Riding ­– feel the magic of Egypt on the camel’s back.

    The Casela World of Adventures lives true to its name. With the plethora of activities it offers, it is bound to cater for the needs and wants of all age groups. There is no better way to blend education, respect and love for animals and the environment and fun. If you want to interact with many animals without having to go to different places on the island, Casela World Adventures is the place to visit. This is definitely one of the best attractions in Mauritius!