• Do you want to discover and explore the seabed of Mauritius in the simplest way possible? Jump in the water for an unforgettable moment of amazement! Snorkeling is a nautical activity which consists of observing the seabed from the surface of the water with the simple fins, mask and snorkel kit. The best part about practicing it in Mauritius is that the setting is idyllic!
  • Snorkeling in Mauritius

    Mauritius is known for its beautiful lagoons with clear waters that align with beautiful fine sandy beaches. Several beaches on the island and its islets have an ideal lagoon for snorkeling; the water is absolutely clear, allowing swimmers to enjoy all the beauty of underwater life. Mauritius is a destination very popular with sea lovers and it is not a coincidence; it has a beautiful underwater fauna and flora which is very rich and diversified, making it a unique place to discover the marine world. Get ready to see a multitude of shades; the island's lagoons are teeming with multicoloured fish and corals, a real beauty of nature, a living painting with its 430 different species of marine animals and 200 different species of corals!

    The ideal activity for holidays

    Snorkeling is an activity accessible to all ages; children, adults and seniors can enjoy this discovery activity. The equipment used is simple, inexpensive and space-saving; it is the classic palm, mask and snorkel. No need to spend hours of training to enjoy it, a few explanations and two or three safety instructions later, you're ready to snorkel. Why not combine fun and physical activity? Take advantage of your snorkeling session to do some exercise, every time you move your fins, you burn calories, sculpt your legs, work on your cardio and abs and keep in shape. Finally, you can enjoy a relaxing moment with your family, accessible to swimmers of all ages and budgets.

    The best spots to practice snorkeling in Mauritius

    Many beaches in Mauritius overlook beautiful lagoons and contain a flora and fauna that are unique in the world. The must-visit are:

    - The incredible Blue Bay; Did you know that there is a coral garden in Mauritius? Indeed, there is one in the form of the Blue Bay Marine Park, which is located on the east coast of the country. With an area of 353 acres, it is the largest marine park in Mauritius and classified as a national heritage site, with beautiful corals and more than 72 species of tropical fish.

    - Trou aux Biches; its beautiful lagoon, its clear and shiny water and its proximity to the coral reef of Mauritius make it a popular snorkeling site in the north of the island.

    - The duo of islets; Île au Cerfs and Île Des Deux Cocos have a perfect lagoon for snorkeling, the transparent turquoise blue water provides exceptional visibility allowing you to discover their marine fauna and flora.

    Practical information: The use of aquashoes (aquatic shoes) is highly recommended for beginners who are waiting to completely master swimming with fins.

    For children, a buoy, an inflatable fry or vest can provide buoyancy assistance so that they don't get tired quickly.