• Looking for new discoveries? Opt for a colourful one! The Seven Coloured Earth located in Chamarel is a sight of wonder. It attracts visitors from all around the globe, and quite understandably so. From a geological perspective, the lands of Chamarel have become a phenomenon which seems intriguing to many people despite scientific explanation of the causes and circumstances.
  • Geological wonder

    The Lands of Chamarel have seven colors, ranging from a reddish color variation up to blue violet. Like a desert, the land looks like a mountain of sand. How can this be explained? Rock and mineral fragments, which are composants of volcanic ash, degrade to form a powder-like clay through moisture and heat. Trying to mix the different colours would be a huge waste of time, even the wind has failed to. The soil seems to be magical; it separates into the different shades after each attempt of mixing them together. Impressive isn't it? This show requires authentication with your own eyes.

    A tourist attraction

    The land of the seven colours attracts a huge number of tourists to Mauritius. The land is now protected by wooden barriers, which make it impossible to reach the dunes for proper preservation. Every bit of nature must be preserved as a common heritage.  With a touch of greenery all around, the view over the dunes is remarkable. Small samples od the soil from the dunes may be bought from the souvenir shops. This will make a wonderful souvenir of your holidays in Mauritius.

    Entertainment in Chamarel

    The Chamarel Waterfall is absolutely breathtaking. About 100 meters high, the water that pours from the Chamarel waterfall comes from the Saint Denis River and that of Viande Salée. It is much more attractive around December and April due to the rainy season on the island. It is also possible to go down at the foot of the waterfall and to bathe there. The water is good and very pleasant after a whole day of effort.

    You also head to the Aventure de Chamarel park which is a 12 hectare nature trail. The hike is 1.7 kilometres long. You will have the opportunity to have a look at the endemic plants that live there and appreciate their beauty and rarity.

    The Rhumerie de Chamarel, located a few meters from the Seven Coloured Valley, also is worth a visit. Found in an avenue where sugar cane crops are abundant, the path leading to the rhumerie has a plantation of tropical fruits, like the pineapple. It also has a distillation workshop, a place where alcohol is made, which makes it memorable to visit tourists by offering them the best rum on the island. Experienced guides welcome you to the property for a tour of the premises and to explain to you how alcohol is made. You will also have the opportunity to have lunch at the restaurant of Chamarel after such an informative outing. They offer tasty dishes which will amaze you, while being in the middle of nature. 

    For a fascinating discovery, head to the Land of Seven Colours, Mauritius!