• Parachute jumping, also known as skydiving, is an activity that involves jumping from an aircraft, while being equipped with a parachute. The goal is to jump and activate the parachute while falling. A captivating practice for those who want to have a wild experience. Why don’t you enjoy the attractive experiences available at affordable prices on our lovely island ?
  • A breath of fresh air !

    Need a touch of madness to make your routine better? Craving for pure adrenaline? Skydiving is the activity you need. Come and enjoy this opportunity on Mauritius Island. You will have the chance to take a plane ride and appreciate the view from above. Accompanied by a nuanced image of blue and green, you will have the chance to contemplate the mountainous areas and the ocean at high altitude. Are you ready for that ultimate breath of fresh air?

    First-time skydiving...

    Skydiving for the first time requires a brief lesson. Parachute jumping in Mauritius Island is usually allowed as from the age of 18, depending on the company which you choose to perform the activity with. Tandem jumping, especially for beginners, is about being hooked to an experienced instructor during the fall. This method is advantageous because it allows you to appreciate the fall without worrying about activating the parachute or any other technical maneuver, and it prevents you from the anxiety of wondering whether  you are doing things properly because the instructor takes care of everything. The flight usually lasts 25 minutes.

    The activity starts with a with a short explanation session on the procedure to follow, the materials and the movements recommended during the fall. When you board the aircraft, you will be accompanied by your instructor. The jump is usually at 10,000 feet. Your fall will occur at a speed of 200 km / h at most. The aircraft will open at an opportune time when it reaches 10,000 feet. The free fall, that is, before the parachute is activated, continues for about 45 seconds. Don't forget to open your eyes wide because everything you will experience at that time will be etched in your memory. It's worth it !

    Why the parachute jump?

    Parachute jumping is not just an activity to do when looking for thrills. Parachuting is one of the least risky activities because it is much safer than other sports activities. You will certainly wonder why not do a simple activity ashore. Simply because parachuting gives you a lot more self-confidence. After a parachute jump, everything that used to seem impossible will seem possible to you. It also boosts your enthusiasm. It will impact your mood and you will feel better and joyous. When you fall, you will have the reflex to scream before you start enjoying the view and being at high altitude. This feeling will release your body from all stress and will charge you with inner peace, as well as a feeling of achievement. 

    Where to go skydiving in Mauritius?

    The departure is from Mon Loisir, at Rivière du Rempart. The drop zone is therefore the northeastern part of the island. You will fly over villages such as Grand Bay, Trou aux Biches, Mont Choisy and Cap Malheureux among others.

    Parachuting in Mauritius is an ideal way to admire the beauty of the scenery. Why not giving it a try? Once you try it, you will want to go for another session.