• Do you think you have already seen everything that Mauritius can offer after having gone through activities which allow you to explore the island? Have hiking, snorkeling, diving, kitesurfing and parasailing enthralled you already? How about contemplating Mauritius from high above? Have you thought about going for a helicopter ride in Mauritius? An aerial trip is for sure the best way to see this incredibly beautiful island from a different angle and enjoy everything that it has to offer - beautiful islets, mountain ranges, natural landscapes, and much more.
  • Discovering the Indian Ocean and Mauritius in a different way

    A helicopter tour in Mauritius is a must; it allows you to enjoy the picturesque panorama of the island from the sky. Just picture the scene: you have a complete view of Mauritius, the islands and islets around the main island, the different shades of the Indian Ocean, flying at the same level as birds do…well, the view is breathtaking!

    An outing by air also grants the opportunity to discover places which cannot be accessed by any other means of transport and which were until now hidden from your sight. The height will allow you to contemplate them without having to spend a whole day and without getting tired.

    Indeed, helicopter flights last on average about twenty minutes. It will be a completely different Mauritius that will unfold before your eyes, from the immaculate coasts to the sugar cane fields, you will for sure fall under the spell of the island!

    Aerial trips available in Mauritius

    So many landscapes await you aboard a comfortable and high-class helicopter. You can choose between several options. Here are three of them:

    1 - Helicopter tour of the city in the north of Mauritius (20 minutes). The flight itinerary from Triolet will give you an overview of the magnificent northern landscapes. Have a look at the lively village of Grand Bay and the wide range of fishing boats. You will also fly over the Coin de Mire islet off the north coast and get a glimpse of Flat Island where several endemic species live. Before the end of the flight, you will also fly over Amber Island.

    2 - Helicopter tour in the west and south of Mauritius (40 minutes). You will see the lively city of Port Louis, the sixteen silos of the Moulin de La Concorde and the ships at dockside. You will then see the famous lighthouse of Albion, and by flying over green spaces and blue lagoons, you will soon reach Ile aux Bénitiers, then overlooking the southwestern lagoon, the majestic Morne Brabant. You will then fly over another wonder of nature, the underwater waterfall. This natural illusion, with its shades of blue and green, seems to plunge to infinity, while in Chamarel, the kaleidoscope of the coloured earth will leave you speechless. The Black River Gorges and Pieter Both mountain will also be part of the itinerary.

    3 – Flying over the islands and islets surrounding Mauritius by helicopter is another option. You will have the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Ile aux Aigrettes, Ilot Mangénie and Ile aux Cerfs (one of the biggest). The departing point will be the airport. A helicopter outing over these islands is perfect, since you will be able to see whatever they hide. You will fly even higher than the birds which live on these islands!

    Seen from the sky, Mauritius offers the most wonderful view. Please note that the price for helicopter rides vary according to the chosen itinerary and the number of persons. Don’t delay, book your outing and fly above an unmatched landscape. You will realise that Mauritius is one of the best places to go for a helicopter ride