• How is sugar made? Discover the secret of production and the delicious products derived from sugar in Mauritius, in a setting that will remind you of a film from the 1960's! Learn while having fun. Embark on a sweet adventure!
  • In memory of what made the Mauritian economy flourish!

    L'Aventure du Sucre or the Sugar Adventure! The name of the place says it all. This place, where there are large piles of sugar, tells us about the journey of the sugar cane and how it became a pillar that helped the Mauritian economy take off.

    During the period of colonization, Mauritius had been recognized as advantageous in view of the large quantity of sugar cane it produced. The island then became a profitable area, and it was exploited. Many sugar factories were being built, as sugar cane gave the island a product that could be exported. Being an old sugar factory, L’Aventure du Sucre is today a museum that attempts to recreate history for the new generation and to remind our elders of good memories. Besides, how can a place of such significance be forgotten? It already was considered as being very important long ago, around the 18th century to be exact. It is still given great but justified merit today. 

    Located in Beau Plan, only a few kilometers from Pamplemousses, in the north of Mauritius, it welcomes visitors who come out fully satisfied. There, you can have an idea of the whole process before sugar takes its form as we take it in our tea.. You may also understand how sugar cane was harvested, how it was transported and crushed and the means by which this is all done. Howevery, many questions may remain unanswered this way. It is best to take a walk through the Aventure du Sucre for better understanding. Huge machines, with surprising operations, each contribute in its own way to transform sugar cane into sugar. To this day, being a very appreciated place, L’Aventure du Sucre quickly became a tourist attraction, with restaurants and souvenir shops.

    Full? Absolutely not !

    And now we come to the favorite part of the sweet-toothed: tasting.The  Fangourin, a beverage one gets to taste during a visit to sugar factories, is a juice made from sugar cane. A local drink dating back several years, the fangourin is now very hard to find.. After many sugar factories were closed down, the fangourin could no longer be commonly found., but it is now much more valuable because of its rarity.

    L’Aventure du Sucre now produces twelve varieties of sugars. If you thought that sugar had only one taste in particular, come sharpen your senses by discovering the diversity of the types of sugar. The sugar factory also offers a tasting of nine rums, honey and jams. Why resist a discovery that will make your day better?

    Sheer beauty !

    A museum by day and a reception hall by night, this place is sheer beauty. L’Aventure du Sucre is a magical place, owing to its greenery, amazing lights and its stunning setting. An entrance filled with flowers and plants, with benches to sit on in the open air to contemplate the sight and the lights, old, well-kept machinery, giving vintage vibes, beautifying the place, it has everything to please. Do you dream of getting married in an idyllic place and taking pictures in a beautiful and unusual setting? Visit l'Aventure du Sucre! The greenery, the lights, and a starry night will make anyone dream. Go for the outdoors !