• Who would not like to live and/or work in Mauritius? After all, the island boasts a charming setting, a healthy economy, a good climate, the absence of social or political tension, profitable fiscal laws… A residence and/or occupation permit is required in order to be able to enjoy all the advantages that Mauritius has to offer.
  • Here are the two types of Residence Permits and the conditions that apply for each:

    1. The Residence Permit

    This permit concerns retired foreigners who are at least or more than 50 years old and is valid for three years. The first step in order to be eligible for the Residence Permit is to deposit a minimum amount of 1,500 USD in a bank account in Mauritius. The deposits made in the account must amount to a minimum of 54,000 USD over the three years. The Economic Development Board (EDB) of Mauritius should be given proof of the deposit at the end of each year and should be informed of any tax residence or any other residential property owned by the retired person in another country.

    2. The Permanent Residence Permit

    Valid for 10 (renewable) years, the Permanent Residence Permit applies to:

    a. A retired foreigner who has injected a minimum amount of 54,000 USD per year during the three years of residence allowed by the initial Residence Permit (mentioned in the first section)

    b. An investor holding an Occupation Permit (see below) and in the case where the total turnover has been higher than Rs 45 million over the span of the three years of the Occupation Permit validity

    c. A professional holding an Occupation Permit and who has drawn a monthly salary of more than Rs 150,000 during the three years

    d. An entrepreneur who has an Occupation Permit and whose turnover is more than Rs 3 million per year over the three years

    e. An investor who injects at least 500,000 USD in either the education, IT, infrastructure, green energy, financial services sector among others.

    How to obtain a Residence Permit in Mauritius?

    If an individual meets the requirements for either the Residence or the Permanent Residence Permit, an application for the permit must be made online to the Economic Development Board of Mauritius.

    There is another way to obtain a Residence Permit in Mauritius. That is to buy a real estate asset costing a minimum of 500,000 USD under the Property Development Scheme (PDS). The permit of residence is like a bonus that you receive automatically upon the purchase of your property. The permit is effective for as long as the residence belongs to you. For more information, contact DECORDIER Immobilier (Mauritius).

    Moreover, there are two types of Occupation Permits:

    1. The Young Professional Occupation Permit

    This permit enables foreigners who have pursued their tertiary studies in Mauritius to work on the island for three years. An “Occupation Permit as Professional” can be sought upon completion of the three years of employment in order to extend the permit.

    The requirements that apply for its grant are:

    a. The foreigner must have been awarded at least a bachelor’s degree by a university or any other tertiary education institution officially accredited by the Tertiary Education Commission of Mauritius

    b. The permit must be applied for within 6 months following the issue of examination results. It is important to note that this requirement is not to be considered in case the holder of the permit wishes to join another company before the three years are over

    c. The foreigner should be joining a company operating in either the Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Fintech, Robotics, Financial Services, Information Technology sector or any other one that obtains the Ministry’s approval

    2. The Occupation Permit

    The Occupation Permit has been introduced in 2006. This permit remains in effect for three years but can be renewed. It can be granted to:

    a. An investor, having a share and being the head of a company established in Mauritius, provided either:

    i)An amount of 100,000 USD is injected in the company’s account in Mauritius. An application to the EDB (see below) is made for the permit through the company which will be establishing a business in Mauritius.

    ii) Or a revenue of more than Rs 2 million be obtained per year during the permit validity period. The revenue obtained over the three years should amount to a total of more than Rs 12 million. The same condition applies for the renewal of the permit.

    iii) Or one is the inheritor of a business with a net asset value of a minimum of 100,000 USD and with the same condition listed above, under ii)

    Notes: (1) In case the incorporated company has more than one shareholders, the capital injected as well as the revenue per year required will be multiplied by the number of shareholders.

                (2) Individuals investing in either high-tech machinery and equipment in the aquaculture, healthcare, manufacturing sectors among others or in companies engaged in research and development in the pharmaceuticals, nanotechnology, life and health sciences sectors among others, may apply for an Occupation Permit, provided they meet the conditions listed here

    b. A professional hired by a company in Mauritius, obtaining a monthly salary of more than Rs 60,000. An ICT professional will have to be drawing a minimum salary of Rs 30,000 per month. A Short-Tem Occupation Permit, which will allow a professional to work in Mauritius for a maximum of 9 months, can also be requested for.

    c. An entrepreneur (Self-Employed) who wishes to establish his business in Mauritius. A license should be obtained from the Registrar of Businesses. 35,000 USD should first of all be deposited in the individual’s bank account in Mauritius. The minimum turnover amount must be Rs 600,000 per year over the three years.

    How to obtain an Occupation Permit in Mauritius?

    The hiring company should apply for a Young Professional Occupation Permit by sending an email to op@edbmauritius.org. As for the Occupation Permit, it should be sought online.

    It is important to note that the spouse and children – whether biological, step-children or legally-adopted – who are less than 24 years old, are eligible for a residence permit as dependents. This permit applies as long as that of the holder of the Occupation or Residence Permit.