• Deep-sea fishing is an activity full of emotions, twists and turns and unforgettable moments. In Mauritius it is a very popular tourist activity. You will be accompanied by a deep-sea fishing specialist to find the catch of your dreams. With an unmatched adrenaline rush; this is a sport of passion.
  • Big game fishing in Mauritius

    Mauritius is an ideal destination for big game fishing, with its diverse marine fauna, Mauritius is among the best destinations for this sport. The island has a stable tropical climate, which means that big game fishing can be practiced all year round, but the best months are from November to April. Mauritius has an impressive variety of very large tropical fish species making them a good catch for big game fishing.

    The species you may encounter are: blue, black, striped marlin, sea bream, barracuda, mocha shark, hammerhead, blue and tiger sharks, dog-toothed tuna depending on the season of the year. The Yellowfin tuna, weighing from 5 to 35 pounds, are abundant throughout the year. During the months of February, March and April, they migrate along the island's west coast and can reach up to 215 pounds.

    As far as the cost of a big game fishing session in Mauritius is concerned, it depends on the duration of the session, on the itinerary and also on the boat. The rate can be around 4000 euros for an outing at sea for three days, for a maximum of four persons per group and including the meals.

    Fishing techniques

    There are  specific techniques for big game fishing. The most common are;

    - Heavy Trolling for rostrum, marlin and tuna fish.

    - The fast train to the decoys.

    - Slow trolling with live or dead bait

    - Popping, for example for carangue fish.

    - Jiggling, for dogtooth tuna, seared tuna, carangue, tuna and wahoo.

    - The broumé, the palangrotte and the catalan, drifting (yellowfin tuna) among others.

    It is also important to be in good physical condition because it requires the use of sophisticated equipment and above all it requires a lot of strength to get a fish of your weight or even heavier out of the water. Big game fishing requires considerable physical aptitudes and endurance.

    The best big game fishing sites in Mauritius

    Mauritius holds several records and is known as one of the best destinations for big game fishing.

    Some examples are: the mako shark 1115 pounds, the blue shark 400 pounds, a bonito 41.5 pounds, an albacore tuna 224 pounds and a barracuda 125 pounds.

    The best spots for big game fishing are;

    - The north; the north of Mauritius has a diversified underwater fauna and its waters are full of fish, ideal for fishing large catches. The departure for the big game fishing is in Grand Bay.

    - The west coast. The high seas off Black River is a very popular spot for deepsea fishing in Mauritius. There is also that of Le Morne, which is more accessible and calmer.

    - The south; the south has seen spectacular catches every year, service providers proudly display photos of their customers' gigantic catches. Off Mahebourg and Blue Bay you will find good spots for deepsea fishing.

    Whether you are a professional, passionate or novice, deep-sea fishing in Mauritius will bring you incredible sensations with which no other fishing sport can compete. Your dream destination for big game fishing awaits you for the best moments of your life as a deep-sea fishing lover.

    Besides, if you are passionate about big game fishing, why don’t you come and spend some days in Mauritius to indulge in it? You will be delighted by the experience. If this idea sounds nice to you, here are the holiday rentals that are available.