• Opened in 1996, the Caudan Waterfront, mostly known as Caudan, was the first (and thus the oldest) commercial centre in Mauritius. Situated in the capital of Port Louis, it owes its name to French traveler Jean Dominique de Caudan. With an array of shops, services and leisure activities and a beautiful setting, the Caudan is full of life.
  • Setting

    As its name suggests, the Caudan Waterfront is a platform that rests on the sea, on a coral fossil islet. It comprises of 4 buildings, namely: the Barkly Wharf (the first building that was built at the centre), the Observatoire, the Dias Pier and the Caudan Arts Centre.

    Its vast open spaces and the height of its buildings provide a splendid view of the sea and the boats entering the harbour. Spending time there will help you unwind. The bridge between the Barkly Wharf and the Caudan Arts Centre serves as a beautiful background for photos.

    Leisure activities

    The Caudan Waterfront provides a tour of the complex in a small colourful train since some time now. It is a fun way to visit.

    Wooden sculptures are displayed in the Artists’ Corner. Only the artist, Pem, knows the source of his inspiration. He is often seen around the complex and is a key figure.

    The Caudan Arts Centre was inaugurated in December last. The tall building comprises of a large hall on the ground floor where paintings exhibitions are often held and another one on the first floor where plays, concerts and conferences are held.

    Learn more about the history of Mauritius at Caudan. The Blue Penny Museum, an impressive building in black stones, holds the tales of the explorers who came to Mauritius.

    The movie theatres located at Caudan always show the latest movies from Bollywood and Hollywood.

    A lady is also sat before the food-court, ready to apply (temporary) henna designs on your hands and arms.


    Enjoy the variety of casual, beach and traditional Indian clothing, shoes, perfumes, cosmetics and skincare products, branded jewellery, precious stones, ship models and books that are available in the various shops of the complex.

    Food and Beverages

    Caudan has meals to cater for everyone’s palates; Indian, Chinese, American and Italian cuisine are to choose from. The food-court and two restaurants are located in the Observatoire building. The restaurants of the respective five-star hotels of the complex also offer a large choice of meals.

    Stay hydrated with a delicious chilled sugar-cane syrup available at the restaurant. If you prefer juice, you may have a glass of freshly-pressed tropical fruits from the stand. You may also indulge in the ice creams and smoothies.

    The Craft Market

    Located in the Barkly Wharf building, this place is the paradise of handmade products. Jewellery, wood-burnt keychains and jewellery boxes, plush dodos, essential oils and soaps, paintings as well as wooden trinkets are sold here.


    Facilities such as exchange office, bank, ATMs and a reservation agency for activities around the island are provided. This way, you can already plan your next trip.

    Even though many other commercial centres have been built in Mauritius, Caudan has still managed to attract people. Its unique setting, architecture and cultural significance distinguish the place from others. Caudan has also stayed relevant thanks to the many events organised there, including sports and dance competitions, job fairs, market fairs etc. Thanks to the metro-express station that is found there, Caudan is even more accessible.